Grandad’s Tool Box

Stanley/Bailey Smoothing Plane No.1 – c1869

At first glance you might think this small plane is a toy but you would be wrong. In the world of tool collecting, this is a real find. It’s an original Stanley #1 smoothing plane manufactured between the late 1860’s thru the 1940’s. Originally made by Leonard Bailey in Massachusetts, the Stanley Works bought the patent rights and started manufacturing the planes in large numbers. Designed to smooth small areas, it will fit in one hand and was actually used by many craftmen but it was rumored to be used as a teaching aid for young boys who wanted to learn woodworking. I’m not sure if that’s an urban legend or not but it is much sought after by collectors. I’ve done nothing to improve the condition except not use the tool due to its collectability. For tool nuts, these old planes are great to research and collect from back in the day when everything was made by hand.

img_1015.jpg     img_1013.jpg


Goodell & Pratt No.245 – 2 Speed Brest Drill – c1896

This is a gear driven hand drill used for holes up to about 3/8″ though it has a capacity of up to 1/2″. Any larger and the drill would be much bigger. The gear driven aspect meant it wouldn’t slip and took a pretty strong arm to turn this crank through hard wood.

img_0940.jpg img_0943.jpg

img_0944.jpg img_0948.jpg


Stanley No. 12-1/2 Veneer Scraper  – c1905 – 1943

This large two handed scraper was used to flatted rough surfaces and remove old finished. It has a rosewood handle and a wooden sole plate.

img_0926.jpg      img_0927.jpg     img_0930.jpg

img_0932.jpg      img_0933.jpg     img_0938.jpg


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