Mobile Storage Hack

All of your work can’t be done at your shop. Sometimes you gotta go mobile. Listen, I must have bought 50 tool boxes over the years for different purposes. Some bolted to the bed, others lift-in or roll-on. Nothin’ wrong with that but lately I’ve wanted to load just one box in the truck an have everything I need (yeah, you’re dreamin pal). Well don’t you? But you know you can’t so I decided to try this hack.

I’ve been thinking up this design for some time so I picked up the Stanley Mobile Storage Box (the large one) with wheels and went ahead and compartmentalized it. Building multiple layers of wooden trays that nest inside one another. This way I could utilize all of the space for the maximum number of tools.

Currently I have it set up for mostly carpentry and general repair tasks but I guess you could set it up for any type of service. I’ve tried to include tools and some supplies.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Power tools and cords on the bottom tray
  • Larger hand tools and safety stuff in the middle tray
  • Smaller hand tools on the top tray
  • Seldom used tools that are long and thin slide in between the trays and the side of the box
  • Even a plastic tray for small parts, fasteners and such

One of the cool features about this box is the slide out handle for pulling it behind you. It doubles as a way to hold the top tray as you dig deeper for items on the bottom.

So far, so good but it’s getting a little heavy(doh!). I’m going to keep thinking about the design and will probably add fold-out wings and telescoping holders for a umbrella or radio. hey, you gotta be situated out there.


The original box


2×4’s added to the top for tool platform


Top Tray


Middle Trays (2)


Bottom Tray (bolted to box)


Pull-out plastic parts box


Holds small parts and fasteners


Slide-out handle holds top tray


Top tray resting on handle


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