Work/Storage Cart

I don’t know about you but, I can never have enough tools and places to store them. In a one car garage shop, space is at a premium. I came up with this design by combining several I found on-line. I had a stand-up clamp rack that I kept bumping into or moving out of the way (necessity really is the mother of invention) and I had just got a new set of cordless tools (Ryobi) and no place to store them.

This project combines:

  1. A sturdy platform to work from.
  2. A flat surface (particle board)
  3. Ability to roll around and lock the wheels
  4. Plastic tub storage for a variety of stuff
  5. Easy access storage to seldom used but important pipe clamps

This solution solves several of my storage problems. Change the measurements to suite. I built a 2×3 frame on a plywood base, wrapped it in pegboard and put on a particle board top. I used plastic tubs from Lowes and good casters from Harbor Freight. To hang the pipe clamps, I cut short pieces of PVC pipe and took out a secton to slide in the clamp.

Plans here: roll-around-work-storage-cabinet.pdf

Boy I’m lovin it! I can actually see my workbench top! Here’s some photos. Let me know what you think.

The Toolman.








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