My Crew

My Kids

My kids aren’t strangers around tools and would always be eager to jump in and help with my projects.


My youngest daughter’s first tile setting class.


My second oldest daughter finding her way around a palm sander.


My son (dressed in Ninja headgear) installs fiberglass insulation.


My oldest daughter (middle) tamps down the dry mortar between the bricks before wetting them.


My wife finishing off some outside painting.


My Brothers in the Craft

Two of my best friends are trade carpenters. We grew up together as kids and built or tinkered with just about everything you can imagine. Even though I live on the other side of the country, we often share stories and tips on the best techniques.


My brother John.


My brother Paul.



  1. I can’t believe that we’ve been friends for forty-six years! I think we first met in Boy Scouts (Saw Mill Hill 56). It’s sure nice to have a friend that lasted that long. I wouldn’t even recognize Paul Peepers because he went gray instead of bald, like us.

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